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Commercial Carpet Cleaning 101

Featured Image Commercial carpet cleaning will change the way your business feels! Sharp Chem-Dry offers the best option around. Click here to learn about the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning and some tips on how to make the cleaning last even longer!...


Why You Should Clean Your Carpets As Soon As Possible!

Featured Image Carpets are much dirtier than one might think! Click here and learn why your carpets need to be professionally cleaned as soon as possible....


A Spooktacular Night With Chem-Dry of Transylvania

Featured Image It was a dark, dreary October night. Frank receives a call from a mysterious caller requesting a carpet cleaning. Join Frank on this spooky adventure as his carpet cleaning takes a dark twist!...


Why You Should Get Your Leather Furniture Cleaned Today!

Featured Image Leather furniture can be kind of tricky to clean in a safe manner! In this blog we explain why Sharp Chem-Dry has all of the answers to your leather furniture cleaning questions. Click here to learn more!...


Can Pet Urine Really Be Removed From Carpet?

Featured Image Do you own a pet? This blog is for you! Here we discuss how to remove pet urine from your carpets. It may seem impossible initially, but with Sharp Chem-Dry these stains and odors can be removed! Click here to learn more!...


Why to Choose Hot Carbonating Extraction Over All Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

Featured Image There are many benefits to Hot Carbonated Extraction, the method used by Sharp Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. This blog explains just two of the many advantages that HCE Cleaning offers! Click here to learn more!...


Our First Blog

Featured Image This is our first blog. Check back again for regular posts and tips....